"An Ordinary Day"

by Projekt Gemineye

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Debut album by the Brampton, Ontario act PROJEKT GEMINEYE. Progressive Metal/Rock with lots of heavy guitars...melodic keyboards and vocals.


released March 7, 2017

All Songs written by Mark Anthony K
All Instruments and Vocals performed by Mark Anthony K
Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by: Mark Anthony K



all rights reserved


Projekt Gemineye Brampton, Ontario

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Track Name: An Ordinary Day
Ordinary Day

Verse 1
Up on my way
Time to see
What lies ahead
Seems like I've
Done this all before
Stuck in this rut
Feels like there's no way out.

Verse 2
Just like a treadmill
Life going round and round
A running river racing
Up the steepest hill
Show me the way off
A new course to plot
I'll get ahead now
I need more then just luck.

Ordinary Day
Same old pattern - Time for change
Ordinary Day
One step forward don't delay.
Track Name: The Future
The Future

Verse 1
Back on the ground
The bed is spinning round and round
Not sure what time of day it is.
The deed is done
The next chapter yet to come
Time to move ahead..Its time to move on
With every step ahead...The future is mine
With every step ahead...The future is mine
My eyes have seen the light
The day is shining bright
I never thought it would...take all this time.

What lies ahead
How long will it take?
The future is unwritten
The future unclear.

Verse 2
The first step is always
The hardest to take
To get the will and strength..to carry on.
Progress needed
Set my soul to fly
The light is so clear
At the end of the line.


Guitar Solo

Chorus Out
Track Name: Funny Feeling
Funny Feeling

Verse 1
I can't explain
It started just the other day
A pain so clear
It stirs my fears.
Where from it came?
Is it destiny?
Playing a game with me.

Pre Chorus
Nervous tension in my head
Feels just like a deadly curse
Lay my head down on this bed
Sometimes i feel afraid....afraid to wake.

Verse 2
On the other side
You will find
The secrets deep within your mind
Never fear..You will see
The answer is ...so clear
Never fear..You will see
The message hidden there to see.

I feel a change
Don't feel the same
This funny feeling building
Track Name: The Journey
The Journey

Verse 1
Strapped in this bed
Racing down the street
Watch the paramedics
As they work to give peace
The pain is still here
Shock has shown its face
As i struggle to answer
All the questions i have heard.

Verse 2
We reach the end of the ride
And taken quickly inside
They reset the bone
With a twist so firm
In the end I'm content
Even the longest night must end.

Through the silent night
With fog and hazy lights
The Journey has begun
Nothing can stop it now.
Track Name: Fate Unknown
Fate Unknown

Verse 1
Waiting is so hard
When the answers aren't so clear
Sitting in this room
I see faces of fear.
Pulse is racing
Sweat runs down my neck
Five more minutes
Seems like a lifetime in here.

Verse 2
The answer is in
But i don't understand
"Nothing's wrong with me"
Thats what i understand
"Go on with your day"
Your free to leave
Why do i feel this fear?
Why can't they see?

Waiting - Waiting
My mind debating
Waiting - Waiting
My hands are shaking

Fate Unknown
Clear away the doubt and pain
Fate Unknown
Save your worries for another day